Misled by Republic-- member since Beta days

I’ve been a member since the Beta days, and have been generally pleased with Republic service. I’ve bought phones and a line to add my wife as well some years ago. We’ve been very happy with the rebate for unused time we’ve received in recognition for our loyalty to Republic.

That has all changed.

I upgraded my wifes phone THROUGH a purchase at Republic , and found that through that one action, with NO other changes or requests on my part, I’ve lost my legacy discount.

I spend more money through Republic (phones are cheaper elsewhere) SIMPLY to upgrade a phone and you slide a removal of my loyal customer discount as a result?

Incredible. Is this really your policy Republic?

If so, I’ll be gone even if I have to pay more elsewhere.

John B

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I’ve been a Republic Wireless customer since day 1. The refund for unused data was not a loyalty discount. It was an old plan (Republic Refund) offered to everyone on a certain set of phones. It was discontinued in mid 2016, for anyone who purchased a new phone, by the Clear Choice Plan.

That plan has since been superseded by another plan (the My Choice Plan). The only loyalty discount I recall is the Beta Member Service Discount, which should still apply if you remain a member under the terms of the discount:


As a fellow Beta discount enjoyer for years, I have never seen Republic Wireless intentionally mislead any of our members. Sure there have been instances that at first glance may have appeared to … but when examined they were misinterpretation by either a user or a Republic employee and were quickly resolved.
I just checked the following doc and if you have followed the guidelines I would suggest you Open a Ticket and let Republic work with you.


I have done exactly that. ALL I asked for was a phone upgrade. This is the answer I got

Sep 15, 2020, 12:48 AM EDT

Hello John,

Thank you for contacting Republic Wireless! I hope this message finds you well.

I understand you are looking for the discount you had when you had the Republic Refund Base Plan. I’ll be happy to look into this for you!

After reviewing your account, I see your plan changed when you activated the Moto G Fast. The plan changed to the Republic Wireless My Choice (4.0) Plan which canceled the discount. I’m sorry, I wish I had better news!

Will Mint remove your loyal customer discount if you purchase an upgrade phone from them like Republic did to me?

Hi @syfr,

I’m not entirely sure why you’re asking me, an employee of Republic Wireless what Mint will or won’t do, unless you have reason to believe that as I briefly tested their service, I became an expert on all of their policies. I did not. As an employee of Republic Wireless, I can assure that that there is no “loyal customer discount” to have ever had removed.

We offer a Beta Member Service discount , which continues to apply as the service line is upgraded. If you upgraded your phone and the Beta Member Service discount did not move to the new phone, this would suggest the new phone was activated as a new line of service, rather than an upgrade, and our Help Team would be able to research this to see whether the discount could be re-applied.

Edited to add: I’ve moved your post and my reply from another topic into this topic so we can focus the conversation in a single location.


Hi @syfr,

It seems you are not asking about our Beta Member Service discount, but about the Refund Plan.

The refund plan was grandfathered to our legacy phones: The Moto E (1st and 2nd Gen), the Moto G (1st and 3rd Gen) and the Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen.)

We’ve been explaining since we launched the new phones in 2016 that the refund plan remained available for those specific phones. It is not a loyalty plan. It is not grandfathered to the service line or account. It is how those phones subscribe to our service.

Our newer phones require the My Choice Plan. If you upgraded to a new phone, it would have to activate on the My Choice Plan. We have been including this information in every E-mail we’ve sent advertising new phones, yet it still catches some people by surprise, and I’m sorry to see that it has been a very bad surprise for you, as well.


Fine. This opens up a whole new world of options to me, now that Republic is just another big phone company. I appreciate the quick answer.

Now to shop providers…

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I didn’t ask you. I was posing the question to the person considering upgrading their phone.

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How DARE Republic cut your price of data by 66.6% HOW DARE THEY!


I can see why you’re not a Republic employee Louis.

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I see. The post in the original thread was in reply to me, so I thought you were asking me.

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Sorry, that was not my intent!!

I have 2 working moto x’s that can be setup on the $5 Wifi plan or $10 with cell and no data. I can sell you at an exclusive price just for you. PM me. If you want the old price you have to use an old phone. Welcome to THE WAY THE WORLD WORKS :slight_smile: (insert sarcasm as i will never sell those beauties’!)


I’ve been a Republic customer since March 2016 and our first line was (is) a Refund Plan. Republic’s communications that this plan was no longer available for new phone purchases (‘upgrades’) has been so clear that even I couldn’t miss it. There OBVIOUSLY has been no deception involved. If you missed the very clear communications of this policy, it is not appropriate to scapegoat your disappointment.


Yep, I was going to upgrade for a phone that gets little use. Minimal research determined that the refund plan does not transfer. Can’t even activate identical phone (swap) on that plan. Can’t be many customers left on it. Best value in phonedom for the light users or on wifi.

The latter part of this is inaccurate. It is entirely possible to activate another Republic specific legacy phone (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2) on a refund plan either as a replacement for a current legacy phone or as a new line of service.

The trick is sourcing Republic specific legacy phones. As the newest of those phones was last manufactured in 2015, one won’t find one new and must source previously used from a dwindling supply on the secondary market. But, if one finds one, Republic will activate it on its grandfathered refund plans.


Looks like I’ll be going to Red Pocket.

Fine support, and decent prices.

Sorry to leave Republic, but that’s thanks to the Republic marketing people.

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