Misplaced Phone

My phone has been misplaced on the bus, a moto 4G and someone has picked it up, possibly by accident. I would love if Republic Wireless could temporarily deactivate this phone as we do not want our plan changed by accident.

Hi @tarat.st4agi,

Sorry to hear about the misplaced phone! You’ve posted in Republic’s Community, a public Internet forum where members who are other customers do their best to help fellow members. Though Republic staff drops in from time to time, direct support is, for the most part, done outside of Community.

Republic can block cell service to your phone to prevent use but does not temporarily deactivate phones meaning the bill must still be paid. Additionally, it should not be possible for whomever may be in possession of your phone to change your plan, accidentally or otherwise, as your Republic account credentials are required to do so.

To reach Republic support, please raise a help ticket or start an online chat here: Republic Help. Meanwhile this blog post from a fellow Republic member may help: My phone is lost or was stolen - now what?

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