Missed text / Republic Anywhere question


There have been a few times that 2 different people have messaged me or claimed to have messaged me but I have not received a text. I know for sure in one case it was an issue on the other person’s side. For the second person I’m not sure yet. If I use the Republic Anywhere app, if by chance my phone somehow didn’t receive a text, would it or should it show up in the history when I access Republic Anywhere via pc?


Typically if the message comes into RW’s servers at all the server will continue trying to send to the phone until receipt is confirmed. Most of the time when a message is not received by the phone, it also never made it to the RW servers. If we never get the message we would not be able to list it in the history.

If you think you have missed a message the best thing to do is check your online (account portal) history and see if the message shows there and not on the phone. If it shows in the online history but not on the phone, open a ticket. If it got lost in transit (between carriers) it is nearly impossible to track down.


Just following up with something that occurred. I use the Republic Anywhere app on my phone and rarely on my PC at work, but it’s there and I might notice a message received there while I’m working on that computer and if I don’t hear the notification on my phone if the volume is low.

I noticed a message that was received yesterday, it shows in anywhere on the PC, but it didn’t show up on my phone. I went through some other text threads to see if I noticed any other missing on my phone compared to the PC and it looks like this was the only occurrence.



I had one missing on my phone within the last few days. Only saw it on my PC like you. Attempted to duplicate several times, have been unable to do so and will keep an eye on it. Unless it happens again I’ll write it off as one of the rare texting glitches that most mobile users see at one time or another.



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