Missing calls and texts until reboot (title updated)

today i ran a diagnostic and it says a test failed to read the MCC/MNC of the cell operator. please check that you have a republic SIM inserted.

i googled the issue and found another post on it - they had the guy do a ##8647## - his issue was resolved - i did the same thing but my issue has not gone away. the error still shows when i run the diagnostic again.

i have a Moro X Pure

i am on the talk and text plan.

Are you having service issues?


i have been having intermittent issues with not receiving phone calls and text messages and having to frequently power off and back on my phone in order to find out that i missed calls and texts.

Any response?

Hi @cvanciger,

I’m sorry your response went unnoticed! I’ve changed the title of your topic to encourage others to chime in. Most of our Community members don’t have experience with the particular diagnostic you’re seeing, but they may be able to troubleshoot the actual issue you are experiencing.

Have you been able to determine whether you are missing calls and texts primarily on WiFi, or cell, or does it happen on both?

How strong is cellular coverage in your area?

it happens on both but i am mainly at home where i get zero cell coverage, so i am totally dependent upon my wifi to do anything. the problem is that the republic phone/service continually drops off the phone and i get messages such as emergency calls only, no voice calls authorized, no network detected. in my view there should be no reason why the republic service on the phone should ever drop unless my wifi drops. i have been missing important texts and calls from doctors and my kids teachers and i am not aware of it until i reboot the phone. there is never any real indication that i am not receiving services until after that reboot, as even when i see the republic green bar, which should indicate a reconnection to the service, i don’t get those voicemails or texts

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