Missing home screens (desktop screens)?


Moto G5S Plus

I GB a month plan
I turned off the picture in picture attribute yesterday and did nothing else. Today I could not find my home screens. Home Screen equals I would swipe to the left and all the apps I use at work would appear. I swipe to left again and all the apps I use for research are suppose to be on that screen but are gone.
So now I just have the basic screens that come with Android.

How do I fix it and how do I prevent it from happening again?

(It is very much like when Windows 10 updates and decides to rearrange your desktop while it is at it)
— Edit ----
I didn’t think about this until just now. I did install a Microsoft app that automatically pulls my pics and contact onto my desktop every time I plut it in.
(I have all the 15W rechargers but still plug mine into a USB on my PC. Habits can be hard to break)
Which brings me to a second question. My Moto X 1st Gen would both charge and transfer data on to my phone. The G5S Plus does not do that. You need to flip a switch to get that. Is this because I am using an old USB cable and if I get a new one it will communicate 2 ways.
I also noticed that it showed a “Turbo Charge” bubble when on my car charger. That is new. It is a 2.1 amp charger but it never showed the Turbo Charge bubble until today.
So something has changed.

Figured it out. Microsoft Launcher decided to take over my phone. I disabled it in the Home App > then uninstalled.
THAnks you to anyone who was thinking about this problem when I solved it


Well thanks for the feedback … reminds me of a question that I used to often ask customers when trying to troubleshoot a problem "What did you do last" :wink:


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