Missing many of my contacts after transfer

I just transferred to RW from Verizon and upgraded from a Samsung G4 to a Moto X Pure. Some of my contacts appear but most are just emails without the phone numbers and many contacts are missing altogether. How do I get my complete contact list to my Moto?

Do you use Google contacts to manage your contacts?

Take a look here to make sure that your contacts are all there.


Make sure you are using the same Google ID on your new phone as your old phone.

It looks like most of my numbers were saved to the phone’s storage. I keep trying to find a way to back them up to Google and it isn’t working. I have my Gmail account set as the backup for the phone data but that doesn’t seem to matter since my calendar and phone numbers didn’t move over. So I mostly have emails that transferred over and just a few phone numbers that I must have set up under my Google account instead of saving to the phone.

Any suggestions are welcome. I was thinking of calling Verizon to ask them.

I’m not that familiar with the S4 but you can export your contacts either to your computer using a USB cable or save them to an SD card…then you can transfer the contacts to your new phone using the Contacts -> Settings -> Import/Export menu option

  • Start on your Home screen and tap All applications.
  • Scroll to and select Contacts.
  • Tap the Menu key.
  • Select Import/Export.
  • Chose from available options (Import/Export from USB storage, Import/Export from SD card, Import/Export from SIM card).
  • Chose where to save contact to (e.g sync with email account or save to phone).
  • Import will then begin automatically and will display how many contacts have been completed.

My contacts were in limbo so after I did the export (my only option was to a .vcf file) I was then able to import that to my Google contacts. That was so simple! Thanks so much!!

You’re very welcome!

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