Missing texts when I have no signal

I don’t always have wifi or service bars on my phone. I seem to miss any texts that are sent to me when I am in a no service situation. I find out that someone texted me and I never receive it, but they get no message that the text was not received. Is there a setting on my phone that I am missing in doing so that any texts sent are stored if not delivered to the phone? Is this just a drawback of this service? Or is there something I need to do to set up my phone differently. This is my first smartphone and I have not had it long.

I have a Huawei H1623

I have the My Choice plan with 1 GB of data which should include unlimited talk & text with 1 GB of data when I am not in a wifi area.

Issue Description

This shouldn’t be happening. You’ll probably be best served by opening a ticket.


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