Missing Texts with Motorola Phone!


What phone do you have? Moto G
What plan are you on? grandfather’ed in all-inclusive call/text
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data

Issue Description

Hi guys!
I have noticed that I’m not getting texts lately. I have always had a problem with group texts…some texts would come through and some just…wouldn’t.
Lately, the issue is becoming more and more frequent, and not just with group texting. I have tried connecting AND disconnecting from Wi-Fi with no apparent change.

I love RW & have been a member for four years but this could be a deal breaker for me, as texting is pretty 2017.

Any tips?
Also…I am current on the update and this has been happening intermittently for the past three months.


Hi @jamesm.tw4nz7

What texting app are you using, please?


Try resetting your credentials. Do this in an area with a good wifi connection:

  1. Turn the phone off and then back on again.
  2. Open the dialer and dial: * # *# 8647 # * # * Do not press send after dialing this.
  3. Go to settings by pulling down from the top of your screen and clicking the gear wheel.
  4. Scroll down and click on System Update
  5. Update the PRL
  6. Open the dialer again, and dial: ##72786# then tap yes to confirm resetting to factory default. (NOTE: the option to tap yes does not always appear. Just continue with the listed steps if it does not.) Your phone may restart after this.
  7. Update the Profile (this is found in the settings ->sytems update)
  8. Restart your phone again
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Did anything work? I’m having the same problem.


Can you tell us what texting app you are using?


just the messaging one that’s on the phone.


These types of issues can be very difficult to track down. Are you willing to change you texting app to Republic Anywhere? It tends to solve most of these types of issues. You can find it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.republicwireless.messaging


I can try that. It’s mostly with group text messages but others just get lost too. Does this app save the messages in case they don’t go through or have an acknowledgement?


the text message icon on the phone, no other text app installed


no texting app, just the green text icon on the screen


I have been having this same problem as well. Just heard from my mom that I missed her texts from last year. I have done all the updates and the cache clearing and nothing has seemed to work


I don’t receive texts from businesses that I subscribe to. I have a SimpliSafe alarm system, stopped receiving texts from that suddenly about a year ago. Was forced to step up to their dedicated app. Recently, didn’t receive an ‘Alert’ text from a Nextdoor neighbor sent through the website/business, even though others did, even though I used to receive these. Could it be that Republic or their contractee/carrier is blocking certain posts as ‘spam’ or for other reasons?

I just installed ‘Republic Anywhere’; we’ll see. The missing texts did not appear when I did this.


Do the texts show up in your Republic account’s call log?


No. The messages are not on the Republic call log.

(Edit) - Not sure why getting black boxes instead of a space character.


so they are not in the Redpublic call log (located here View Calls & Messages | Republic Wireless)

if the text are not there they were not seen by Republic servers at all
are these business text short codes or a email to SMS ? (both show up as a blank number in my call log)


Not in the log. I am not sure what they use. I suspect it is email to SMS.

I see that ‘allow email to sms’ is enabled on my phone. I tested it from my gmail account. Can receive an email-to-sms that I’ve sent.


If they are not in your account log then Republic is not seeing them to forward to your phone
the failure is before Republic (senders carrier not sending it to the right number, a routing table out of date sending it to a different carrier, link to an over the top type service like imessage or what’s app)

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