Missing Voicemail

What phone do you have?
Moto G Play 2021
What plan are you on?
My Choice + 1 GB
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Yes, 1 GB

Issue Description

Brand new phone this week, replacing a malfunctioning phone of the same model. A call came in this morning from my doctor’s office/insurance company & I just missed it. I got a notification about 30 seconds later that they’d left a voicemail. I go to the phone app, voicemail tab, and it shows a voicemail from my doctor’s office. The buttons below the voicemails are greyed out, so I can’t play the messages, but have to actually call voicemail.

Ok, no problem. I call voicemail, put in my pin #, and then it says I have 3 new messages…but all 3 messages that it says are “new” are old. (2 I’ve listened to before, one is from before my replacement got here, that I didn’t even know about. The voicemail from my doctors office from this morning? Nowhere to be found.

Hi @genie86333,

Please follow the steps in the Help Article below and let us know if that straightens everything out.

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Yeah, that’s not the issue I’m having - voicemail tab is not missing. It’s there & it shows there is a voicemail, but won’t play it either from the phone app or by calling voicemail. (but I will go through the steps to make sure voicemail is up to date, etc.)

Ok, very strange. Even before going through those steps again, I tried calling voicemail to see if the message magically appeared yet. It hadn’t (but I had another voicemail that came in just a little while ago while I was driving) which didn’t show up in the voicemail tab. When I looked back at the voicemail tab to verify that message hadn’t shown up there, it finally allowed me to play the original message from my doctor’s office that was missing. Had some other issues while i was out earlier today, but I think that was probably related to the outage which I got a message about as soon as I logged on here.

Thanks, @genie86333 for following up to let us know it had worked itself out. I wouldn’t be surprised if the intermittent calling issues we’re experiencing are a factor in this mystery.

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