Mixed coverage results on two family phones. How do I make sure a new order has good coverage?


Hi-I have 2 Moto G4 phones (redacted). My son uses the (redacted) and goes to school in Morgantown, West Virginia. His phone works great. My wife uses the (redacted) phone and it goes to roam, cell calling only when we get within 20-30 miles of Morgantown, West Virginia. Once outside that range, on I79 heading back towards Pittsburgh, PA, it goes back to working normal. I think the (redacted) is using T-mobile (GSM). Is the other line using Sprint(CDMA)? I want to buy a new phone, but want to make sure it will work on trips to Morgantown West Virginia. thank you in advance for your help!

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Buying a new phone - Moto g5s plus?

Hi @davidl.cw1gb1,

I removed all the phone numbers from your post, since this is a publicly-visible forum.

Why don’t we start by getting the coverage situation solved on the phone that loses service. Please open a ticket and let our team know that you’re having this coverage issue, so they can determine whether a different SIM card would solve the problem.

Here’s the information they’ll need:

Which new phone are you considering ordering?


Thank you for removing the numbers. I am considering the Moto G5Plus.


Ok great. Since the thread where you originally posted is about the Moto G5S+, I’ve moved your post to its own topic, just to keep things focused.

When you order the Moto G5+ from our online store, be sure to check your coverage with our coverage checker tool. That will help our system determine what kind of SIM card should be shipped with your order. If we get it wrong, and you find the coverage to be as spotty as that of your wife’s phone, just let our support staff know. They will evaluate your coverage and replace the SIM card if they find that a replacement would bring about an improvement. (Since you already have one phone in your family that performs well in your area, they would certainly want to make the other phones perform just as well!)


Thank you for the reply. I live in the Cleveland, Ohio area. In looking at the coverage maps for GSM and CDMA, both cover northeast Ohio very well. It is only during recent trips to Morgantown, West Virginia, (my son is a college freshman at WVU) that we noticed one of the phones having problems. My son’s G4 phone works great. My wife’s G4 phone goes to roam/voice only service near the WV border. I suspect a GSM phone is having problems. Since I live in an area that has great coverage for both GSM and CDMA, is there any way to “request” a specific SIM card at phone order time?


There’s not a way to request a specific kind of SIM card when you order.

We can work with you in the support ticket, though. I’ll take care of that now.

(By the way, our Moto G5+ webpage shows the 64 GB version currently on sale…)


Thank you very much for your help!


You’re quite welcome. I’m monitoring your ticket, in case any additional questions arise, but it looks like John took good care of things.


Thank you for your help. My new G5 Plus came last Saturday. I’ve had it a week and it has been working well. It did come with a GSM SIM card. I received 2 CDMA SIM cards separately from RW. I was able to swap out the SIM card. I also swapped out my wife’s GSM SIM card for the CDMA one, Her phone is working well also. Thank you again for your help!


Hi @davidl.cw1gb1. Thanks for letting us know that swapping the SIM cards has solved your coverage needs. We’re glad you gave us the opportunity to help, and we hope the conversation here will inspire others with coverage issues to ask our support team for help, as well.


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