MMS images not working?

What phone do you have? Moto z3 Play

What plan are you on? Simple Choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes, all of it.

MMS Images not working? Issue Description

I’m in a group message *MMS and whenever I receive a message from any of the members it always shows a download arrow. When I click on the arrow it says downloading then does nothing. I repeat again and still nothing. What setting do I need to fix this as I can’t see group messaging on my phone. :frowning:
Thank you for your time,
Aaron, CT

1st ensure you’re using the supported Android Messages
Then check to see if your settings match those provided by @louisdi here: (Google Android) Messages: Group Messages Sent Individually -- Here's the fix!

@alczar Do you still need assistance with this?

It looks like the issue is resolved at the moment as the messages did not download and too much time has passed. I will have to try again with another grouped message and see what happens. I have gone ahead with the recommendations to auto-download MMS messages. and we shall see what happens with phone restart moving forward. Thank you. (Close this ticket for now)

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