MMS is not working. Just came back to USA and my texts suddenly stopped working?

What phone do you have? Moto e

What plan are you on? Data and 3g

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

Issue Description

Group texts not working. I have been in Ireland on wifi only and all was good. I came back to USA and suddenly all not working even though I have Talk data and text. Any solutions???

Hi @maryb.sfgek2,

Are you able to make calls and access the internet when you are off of WiFi?

I remember this kind of issue presenting itself once in a while when a member on our older phones returned to the US after a trip overseas, and I think the solution requires staff assistance.

Let’s start with something fairly simple, though. Please refresh the Republic Activation, then see if things are working any better.

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Hi @maryb.sfgek2,

Someone has kindly reminded me of this post, which is exactly what I was struggling to remember. In short, after you refresh the republic activation, you’ll also need to update the profile.

Basically, the phone has been out of touch with both Republic’s and the cellular networks for so long, that it just needs to be “reintroduced” to both networks.


Thanks. I will try that this evening and post again.

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