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I just got a new Moto G5 Plus and activated it (got it from Amazon)… replaced a Moto X Gen1. For text messages, it uses the ‘Android Messages’ app, but you can only send SMS’. There isn’t an option to attach anything to send a MMS. How are you supposed to send MMS messages? Should I be using a different app for text messages?


Hi @davitah,

Directly to the left of the words “Type an SMS message”; do you see a + sign. If so, tapping that will reveal the option to attach items to your text messages.

Hey Roland!

I did try that but it tells me to ‘choose a sticker’ from all the stickers that are listed… nothing for an attachment to send whatever I want… just one of those stickers.

Hi @davitah,

Below the stickers, you should see options to add various types of attachments. Stickers is the default but you should also see icons for a camera (to take a picture or video and attaching it), an icon that looks like mountains (for attaching pictures and videos already taken), a microphone (for dictating a message) and an icon to share your location.

@rolandh OMG I totally did not even see that AT ALL! Ooh because if you scroll to the end of the stickers…it goes away… ooooh… that’s what I was doing every single time. WOW…I totally would have missed those options forever lol OMG thank you so much hon! I really appreciate it.

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I have a Moto X, gen 1 also and am considering purchase of the G5+

I have enjoyed the “one handed” size of the Moto X. Can you give me your opinion of how it is using the G5+ with one hand?


I didn’t see them either. Besides, the options looked grayed out. Once I approved Messages to access photos, it worked great - and kept photos as the default instead of stickers (meaning in 6 months I won’t remember how I made this work in the first place).

Thanks folks!

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