MMS (Picture) Texting Woes

I’m wondering if others have as many intermittent problems sending MMS/Picture text messages as I do. For a while I thought things got better when I moved from my Moto-X on the 2.0 plans to my Nexus 6P on the 3.0 plans, but lately things seem to have deteriorated again.

I’m using Textra, and have set the “MMS Behavior” to “System”, as is required. And I’m pretty sure that it isn’t a Textra problem because I have the same issues if I use “Messenger”.

Here’s what happens: Randomly when I send a MMS/Picture text one of 2 things will happen. I will either get “Error during send. Please try again”, or else the text that I typed along with the picture will go through, but the picture itself will not go through. This happens whether I am home on my WiFi or whether I am on a cellular (Sprint) network. Last night I had 4 bars of Sprint LTE and had to retry 5 times before the MMS whent through (getting the “Error during send…” message). I would say that roughly 25% to 30% of my MMS/Pictures have challenges going through. I will also note that the recipients are all on either RW/Sprint or on Verizon.

I have not opened a Support ticket on this. Just wondering first whether others might be experiencing this problem.

I have several times on 3.0 Plans. Phones involved have been X Pure & Ascend using GSM cards and a G4 with CDMA card. Will add ATT to your list. Send few photos using MMS, happens randomly and would say a good % of mine resulted in failure to send.

Hi @fisher99

I am somewhat opposite that of you and @williamo.vkbg0s. I get anomalies sometimes, but I don’t use Textra, I use Android Messages.

Earlier, I sent the same pic to two different RW phones, one went as normal, the other persisted to give the “Error during send. Please try again” msg. What was odd was that the GSM to CDMA, went without issue.
The GSM to GSM message, displayed the error repeatedly. However, once it confirmed “sent”, I already had received a response, (within milli-seconds).

In my case, it seems the text actually did send, my phone was reporting something different to me.

Might just be differences in the texting platforms, but I’m no expert.

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