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Republic My Choice + 1G / Moto G4+

A family member has the same exact phone and plan as I do, but whenever she sends an MMS message the originating phone number is not hers.

It may have been the original number assigned when we originated Republic Service, but I don’t have a record of what that was. A telephone number from a previous service provider was ported over right after we started Republic Service.

That happens for any MMS message whether it’s a group or one with photos.

Any suggestions and how to fix this so her proper number shows up when she sending an MMS?

Her caller ID number or regular SMS text messages have the proper phone number. (The only similar problem found when searching for a solution, was someone that had a similar issue, but it wasn’t isolated to just MMS)



What texting app is she using? I highly suggest using the Anywhere app.


Standard Android Messages app. I’ll give the Anywhere app a try on my phone then I’ll have a better idea whether she might be amenable to tryng it out (84 years old - she gets a little grumpy when I change up things on her).

I’ll tell her to at least give it a try just to see what phone number shows up when she sends a message.



I would like to point out that Anywhere also has a PC/tablet apps that will allow texting from them as well as from the phone


I appreciate all your replies. We most likely will try out Anywhere because she also has an iPad and she would probably appreciate that cross-device messaging.

But the solution of using a different app doesn’t get at the root of the problem. I would really like to find out how to fix the problem so the stock app works as it should. Then we could change over to the Anywhere app if we so desire.


I’m confused, why are we presuming Samsung’s Messages app is the root of the problem?

@mhvt, presuming we’re indeed talking about a Moto G4+, I suggest: How to Refresh the Republic Wireless Activation – Republic Help.


I though I read that the phone was a Samsung J7 (I must miss read something or gotten my post crossed)


could this be a case of the cache needing to be cleared or a reset

check the underlying number
open the phone dialer and enter
tap phone info
phone number = the underlying number

open the phone dialer and enter
tap data profile
under username the underlying number is the digits before the @

does the mms come from the underlying number, (yes this is what the smasung msg. app does, and is unsupported at RW)

if something has gotten out of wack, it may be using the underlying number and not the main one…


Cache clearing is not usually relevant when the phone is self-identifying with the wrong number. The typical fixes are:


All your feedback was much appreciated, but I haven’t yet implemented your helpful suggestions. I will work on fixing the problem when I next have physical access to the phone in question, which will be by Easter at the latest.

(I figured it’s easier to take a go at it myself, instead of delegating the troubleshooting to someone else while I’m away.)

Thanks again.


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