Mms text restore to new moto g7

What phone do you have?
Old phone was moto e new phone is moto g7
What plan are you on? republic

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? all

Issue Description

with the message backup I can see the backup worked, but the new phone doesn’t have a separate ‘device folder’ in images for ‘messages’. It is weird because when I go to look at my images in the ‘camera’ folder, it is showing ALL images from Whatsapp, and everywhere else which makes me think the new phones ‘camera’ folder is linked directly to google photos. Which is unfortunate because when I show someone my camera photos I don’t want weird screenshots and other things to be mixed in, but just my pictures. Also Google photos does weird stuff like making your images less accessible to upload, etc. Have you heard anything about the images/ device folders being different on the moto g7? or why my other image folders are not there?

I first used google one to back up and restore and when that did not work i tried SMS backup and restore app

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