MMS works only if data is purchased

Hi @drm186,

My son’s Moto G7 is still using .GSM SIM card. The entire time he’s had the phone, he hasn’t been able to send or receive text messages unless he is either connected to Wifi or pays for data. Today we have been combing through the Republic help posts trying to find a way for his phone to send/receive text messages without Wifi or a Data plan. We’ve turned on Mobile Data and Roaming Data in Android settings. We would have toggled the Data Freeze option in the Republic App, but we don’t have that tab because his phone doesn’t currently have data. None of that has fixed the issue that texting doesn’t work without Wifi or a Data plan.

In reading this string, I’ve come to wonder if perhaps trying the CDMA SIM card in his Moto G7 phone might be worthwhile. Do you think that might solve the problem?

Thanks for your help

Hello @shellypg,
A CDMA SIM may be what need if you are in a weak or roaming area of the GSM network, for best advice can you give the zip code he uses the phone?

Yes, the primary zip code where he uses the phone is 53705

Hi @shellypg,
If text messages work only when he has bought data, it’s not a coverage issue. In any geographic area, you either have good coverage where data works, or you don’t. Our app allows the data required for text messages without requiring the purchase of data, but purchasing it wouldn’t make it available if you were in an area with no coverage.

The only way switching to a CDMA SIM card will help would be if coverage is really the problem and the purchase of data was just coincidental to moving into an area where cell data was available.

You’ve made sure all these steps are taken:

Did you also make sure there’s not a data warning enabled?
Settings > Network and Internet > Data Usage > Data warning & limit

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Hi @southpaw,
Thank you for your reply, we have followed the steps to confirm our network settings are correct. We have also made sure there’s not a data warning enabled. Still having the same issues. Any other suggestions?

Hi @shellypg,

I’ve found two help articles where it appears resetting the network settings might help. To be very thorough, though, I’d like you to follow the steps in this article:

I also found an article where it said having a VPN in use on the phone would prevent text messages from sending unless you purchase data. Has he installed and enabled a VPN?

You might also want to look over this article: What 3rd Party Apps Are Problematic with Republic Wireless? – Republic Help

If none of the above information leads you to a solution, what I’d like to do is find a time when you and I are both online (perhaps during normal waking hours :sleepy:) and when he is also available. I’ll have you turn off Wi-Fi on his phone and confirm he cannot send text messages while on cell. Then I’ll add data to his service line and have him try to send again. What I’d like to do is confirm that when he doesn’t move from a specific location, texts won’t send, but adding data allows them to send. In other words, I want to rule out the possibility of a coverage issue by making sure he doesn’t move from one coverage situation to another while we’re testing. If we can confirm what you’ve described and none of the existing solutions solve the problem, it will be time to open a ticket so our technicians can look into the matter.

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Hi @shellypg,

Were you able to get messaging working on your son’s phone when on cell, without purchasing data?

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