Mobile data access

What phone do you have? Motox4 (Model XT1900-1)

What plan are you on? 1GB Data Plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes. . . .includes data

Issue Description

Community Members:

My phone is not accessing data . . . . not sure why?

  • I have ample data available
  • I’ve verified settings for mobile network are turned on for both mobil data and roaming
  • My phone is automatically connecting to Wi-Fi at home and around town, just not allowing me to go online when not connected to hot spot.
  • I have good / strong signal
    -My wife’s phone connects just fine

. . . . .Suggestions ?

. . . . .Thank you

I’m in the same situation. Same phone, model, and plan. Plenty of data available, but no service if I’m not connected to Wifi. Started about three days ago. Phone has a signal, but displays:

“On cell. Calls over cell. No access to cell data, messages or voicemail. Check your network connection.”

Hi @reubenb.o0fhhq and @philw.brhq81,

To save both of you, and the Community, some troubleshooting, we can go ahead and rule out that the issue is strictly coverage-related or a tower outage. You’re not in the same geographic area and you’re not using the same carrier partner.

Have you rebooted the phone since this began?
Are you sure Airplane mode is not enabled?
Do you have a data warning or data limit set in the Android Settings menu?


Yes, I’ve rebooted. No change.

No, airplane mode is not enabled. I have toggled it on/off since this started to see if that would fix anything.

No data warning or limit is set.

Thank you!

The troubleshooting steps in the link below seem to have fixed things:

Hi @reubenb.o0fhhq,

I’m glad to see you were able to figure it out, and thank you for coming back and letting our Community know what fixed it for you.

Simple as rebooting . . . . thank you for your help.

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