Mobile data signal strength issue

What phone do you have? Moto X4

What plan are you on? My Choice +1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1GB data

I’ve been a Republic Wireless customer since 2013 and always had full or almost full signal strength at home (34449) until recently. Now I see it says x1. Actually missed a call today while in town a couple miles from home. Went straight to voicemail.
While at work the reception hasn’t changed, still 3G at least. I might have seen the change a couple of months ago, but since I’m on WiFi unless out for a walk, I didn’t think much of it. Now that we’re into hurricane season… I want to get it figured out, if possible.

Got the Moto X4 in Feb '18 and current SIM is CDMA, because the GSM had zero reception/coverage here so we switched it out. Maybe things have changed here in that regard?

What I’ve done so far: reactivated the account, also double-checked the LTE button was checked. :sunglasses:

Any other ideas?

Hi @rosedoodle,

I’m a fellow Floridian, so appreciate the concern regarding hurricane season. Though T-Mobile has completed its purchase of Sprint, the networks remain separate. According to the coverage maps, CDMA (Sprint network) is still far superior to GSM (T-Mobile network) coverage overall. There are, however, pockets of roaming coverage. In those areas, access to talk and text is likely but there would be no cell data.

You mention missing a call, so is the issue only mobile data as suggested by your post’s title? Or, are you experiencing more than the one issue with calls also? I appreciate that may be a difficult question to answer if you’re mostly attached to WiFi.

Do you mean there’s an X over the cell signal bars? If not, would you be kind enough to provide some additional context.

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Hi rolandh-

Actually, I should have said 1x. I’m calling it Mobile data because that’s how it’s labeled when I swipe down to look at the cell triangle info. It bounces between 1x and 3G. No X on the triangle, just 1x next to it.

Not sure what else to provide, though I could open a ticket if it seems no one else has this issue. I did search beforehand :woman_shrugging:

Hi @rosedoodle,

Would you be willing to post a screenshot? Here’s how, if needed:

It may help us better help you if we were to see what you see.

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Okay, sure.

Also found this new tool and tried it:

Hi @rosedoodle,

Thank you! The 1X indicator for mobile data suggests the coverage in that area is falling back to older technology preceding 3G, which, in turn, preceded 4G. The failure of the Cell Network Operator diagnostic suggests you may indeed be in an area of roaming coverage. Roaming coverage is provided by a partner of Republic’s partner. In this case, I don’t believe the diagnostic reflects an issue with your phone’s Republic SIM per se.

We can offer you the same initial troubleshooting Republic staff would via a help ticket. Before doing so, however, please plug your address into Sprint’s coverage map here: Without sharing your address with us, what does the map say for coverage there. Do you see 4G LTE, non-LTE and/or anything with the word extended in it?

Pure yellow 4G LTE.
Would reseating the SIM card do anything?

Actually, my BF’s Moto Z reads the same so the card is probably irrelevant.

Hi @rosedoodle,

Actually, powering down the phone, removing and reseating the SIM, then powering the phone back up might help. It’s possible your phone is hanging onto a more distant tower and the preceding might get it to connect to one closer offering better results.

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Reseated, but no change. Does make me wonder if there is still an active tower here.

Hi @rosedoodle,

There’s an active tower there and you’re connected to it, it’s just not a particularly good tower to be connected to. :slight_smile: It’s theoretically, possible Sprint’s network is having a local tower issue.

I must sign off for the evening, so please excuse the kitchen sink I’m about to throw at you but these would be the next steps (you may not need all of them).

Reset Network Settings:

Resetting Network Settings does also delete saved WiFi networks, so you would need to reenter the WiFi password for your home network (and other saved WiFi networks) when reconnecting. If this alone restores a 4G LTE connection, I would stop. If not, move on to the next two steps:

Follow that up with:


Thanks for all your help :+1:

Okay so the first option changed nothing.
The second option seems to have brought back the bars, though it says Roaming-LTE so I’d say it’s a success. I then also did the third, so it’s roaming, but I have bars again. Awesome.

Thank you so much!

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