Mobile Data Turned on and WiFi Turned Off AutoMagically

Any ideas why 7 hours ago my Mobile Data Turned on and WiFi Turned Off AutoMagically in sync. This is the second time this has happened. Sounds like the carrier jacked this to increase my mobile data footprint, but I’m probably wrong. I never turn on mobile data at home nor turn off wifi. Moto Z.
Thanks in Advance

Republic certainly doesn’t turn your wifi off, in fact in the past complaints were that Republic was too aggressive in turning your wifi on, when you had it off. The most common cause of seen for wifi being turned off like this is a battery saving app. Do you have anything like that installed?

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yes, I do. I believe its a native os battery saving option on my moto z. thank you

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Battery saving often turns off wifi and Bluetooth as part of battery saving.

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Thank you very much. but wait, in the same move will it turn mobile data on?

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In addition to any ‘battery saving’ apps that may be installed by the user or the manufacturer, Android OS has (since 6.0) provided a broad reaching battery saving method called ‘Doze’. From the users point of view it does the following
If the phone is not on the charger and left idle for a period of time, it will shut down the WiFi’s ability to send or receive. This time period is normally approx 60 minutes, but due to implementations can be as short as 8-10 minutes. Various means to workaround ‘Doze’ have been developed by Android and implemented by Republic, however depending on your WiFi and cell connectivity you may still see the phone not be connected to WiFi. With a mediocre cell connection you can miss calls, have them sent directly to voicemail or come in on cell.

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Generally, mobile data is turned on by default in Android settings but only used when WiFi is unavailable (like when turned off by battery saving whether built into the OS or added via app). Furthermore, for Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service to work properly, you want to keep mobile data on in Android settings.

The above said, one can restrict their Republic phone from inadvertently using cell data one pays for as described by Republic here:


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