Mobile Number not recognized by Venmo

When signing up for Venmo app, my republic wireless phone number is not being recognized as a US mobile #. Vaguely remember that there is a carrier based number behind the republic number. How do I find out that number and the carrier for my phone ? Republic wireless is not listed as an option in the list of carriers in the Venmo app.

Hi @abeapen and welcome to the Community!

This is Venmo’s policy choice. For more, please see here:

For more on the secondary number, please see here:

Knowing your phone’s secondary number, however won’t help with Venmo as the secondary number cannot receive text messages.

Again, this is Venmo’s policy choice. I appreciate Venmo is popular, however, Venmo is not without competitors. I personally use Square’s Cash app. I also use Google Pay and PayPal. All work perfectly fine with my Republic number as is.

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