Mobile showing up as landline and moments of no service, connected issues?

What phone do you have? Moto e 6

What plan are you on? annual plan, talk and text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

I tried to sign up for a Venmo account early this week. Their system recognized my number as a landline, not a mobile line, and couldn’t work with my phone! Why is this happening and what can I do?

Additionally, perhaps related, I often find when I am out and about, that I can’t make/receive calls or send/receive texts. I notice the triangle in the top right corner will have a little x on it during these times. But the presence of this x does not seem to determine whether I can text or call, sometimes I can. These limits to my service have been going on a while and have been problematic at times. I have not done anything about them yet.

Perhaps of note, my partner’s phone, which is on a plan with data, can do these jobs when mine cannot. (I don’t know if his phone gets the little x on the reception triangle at those locations, too).

Falt the FCC, they classified VoIP as landlines :frowning:
Here is the Help Article I found with a search for Venmo

Thank you!

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Hi @margor.pgawra,

Is your partner’s phone also on Republic? Do you know what kind of phone it is? Have you compared to see what kind of SIM card is in each phone?

It sounds like there’s a difference in coverage between your phones. Our current service uses either of two networks - the former Sprint network or the T-Mobile network. From what you’re describing, I suspect your and your partner’s phones not using the same network.

Yes, we both use Republic and both have Moto E6’s. I see by comparing that both phones have “GSM” listed for SIM type.

Have you checked your network settings? We do need data to be enabled on the phone, even though you have not purchased data.

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Mobile data and roaming are both currently enabled.

Hi @margor.pgawra,

Thanks for those details. It is very strange that two of the same phone model with the same kind of SIM card would have such different behavior! I certainly hope that it’s not caused by hardware failure.

You might try refreshing the Republic Activation:

If that doesn’t work, you may want to try resetting the network settings, but be aware that this will clear out any saved WiFi passwords, so you’ll have to reconnect to your home network and any others the phone has been remembering for you.

You might also try operating the phone in Safe Mode. This would disable any third-party apps that might be causing a conflict. Perhaps you have installed an app on your phone that’s not on your partner’s phone that is interfering with network connectivity.

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