Mobile Telecom News: DISH Acquires Ting Mobile Assets

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Interesting, though it still doesn’t answer the question of whether and when Dish would begin to get its owned spectrum up and running for mobile as opposed to operating as an MVNO.

Nor, does it answer what, if anything, becomes of Ting’s fiber Internet service.


As I understand it, DISH has a seven year agreement to use the T-Mobile network while building out its own 5G wireless capacity. According to an investor presentation, Ting’s fiber is not impacted by the acquisition and will remain with parent company Tucows (with a possible renaming of the fiber brand).

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Indeed, I just read that.

There’s also something in that investor presentation about Dish building a “virtualized, standalone 5G network”. To me, that still begs the question of whether Dish intends to be an MNO?

Yep. Their plans are very fuzzy thus far. I did see that DISH hired a former T-Mobile exec to head up it’s 5G buildout in June, and they only announced closure of the deal to acquire Boost on July 1.

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