Mobileiron consuming excessive cellular data

I use my the Mobileiron MDM email app on my Moto G5+ to comply with my employer’s requirements. For many months it worked fine, consuming only about 50 MB per month. Suddenly, this month it used nearly 1 GB in a single day. I turned on Datasaver and disabled “Background data” for Email+ in the app data usage settings menu. I purchased another GB of data to get through to the end of the month, but two days later it again used almost 1 GB of data in a single day. What else can I do to limit data usage by this app?

I would contact the app developer with your complaint (and also contact your employers IT department). Mobileiron apps have pretty poor ratings in the Google Play Store.

My employer uses AirWatch for mobile data management, but I’ve made the decision to keep my work and personal devices separated. If I need to work at home, I only use my employer provided laptop.


Thanks for the advice. My IT person contacted the developer. Eventually a new version of the app was pushed to my phone, and the problem disappeared.


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