Mobiwol crashing constantly on Samsung S8+

Hey, guys… Samsung Galaxy S8+, Republic 4.0 1GB plan, Android 7 (Nugget).

I know this isn’t specifically a Republic question, but this is undoubtedly the friendliest and most informed cell forum out there, and I believe many of you are using Mobiwol, too, due to the nature of our limited data plans.

I’ve been using Mobiwol to limit cell data for many non-essential apps and it has worked very well so far. I’m only using, on average, 200MB/mo out of my GB allotment. I know, I know…I’m still in the refund plan mindset, but I’d still rather be stingy and have it available in an emergency if needed.

Anyway…from when I first loaded it, Mobiwol would crash periodically, but it would always restart and eventually lock down my VPN. However, in the last week or so, without any specific updates being applied to the phone, as far as I’m aware (no Oreo, yet…ugh), Mobiwol has started crashing regularly…so much that it never even instantiates the VPN and I never get the “lock” key. I’ve tried rebooting the phone, uninstalling and reinstalling Mobiwol, and a number of other standard solutions.

Any ideas on why it is so flaky? Is it specific to the S8, Android 7 (actually 7.1), or could there be some other conflicting sw on the phone? I’m about to give up on it and try to find something more stable. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Also, there’s something in the Republic app about a “coming soon” data control feature. Do we have any details on that and whether it will effectively create a VPN-based cell data limiting functionality?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice!

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I don’t use Mobiwol, but several of the recent reviews in the Play Store also mention stability problems with the app.

I’m not sure what is included in the Data control options coming soon. The Republic Wireless app does now offer a Data Freeze option for phones on the My Choice plans:

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While Mobiwol hasn’t been crashing on my S8 (running the Oreo beta), it has started crashing on our Ascend 5W, running Android 6.x. This appears to have started since the last update. Likely nothing to be done but wait on the developer to fix it.

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Just from the text in the coming soon part of the app
“Data Stretch” will limit data rate (Throttle) while keeping Essential apps working (examples example for essential apps given are Maps and Email) we don’t know if we will be able to set essential apps (like 2.0 data controls or a firewall data control app like Mobiwol)
this coming soon has been there for a few app builds (and may end up as vaporware only time will tell)

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Hello - I don’t use Mobiwol, but I have been checking up on it. Of course I’m not sure, but the reason I haven’t installed it may be the same reason you and others are having issues. That app hasn’t been updated since May 15, 2017. Considering constant changes in technology, that seems like a long time to not have an update for a firewall. JMHO.


Good catch. It must be a update to Android that has caused the crashing to start. In any case, I’ve moved on to: which seems to be working well so far.

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I’ll have to check that one out, too. Thanks!

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I’ll definitely check that out. Thank you. Does it have the same level of controls as Mobiwol - maintaining wifi data, while turning off cell data on an app-by-app basis? I always wonder what kind of overhead these apps use. Interestingly, Mobiwol was one of my highest mobile data usage apps, per the Republic Wireless app’s mobile data usage graph for the last few months. I’m on 4.0 with 1GB and only use on average 200MB, so it’s not a big deal if it uses 40 or 50MB per month, but I’m a little confused as to why it would draw any data through the firewall. Is it that while it’s enabled (in the sporadic case that it was actually running), any mobile data allowed for mobile-enabled apps was attributed to Mobiwol instead of that app since Republic only sees the VPN as the app that is “using” the mobile data? That would be my assumption, but just curious if anyone knows more about it.

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It does offer the same ability to disable app by app like Mobiwol. As far as the data usage you’re talking about, I think you’ve got it right. When the Firewall is active the apps you do allow have to pass their data through it. Because of this it looks to the Republic App that the data is coming from the firewall (local VPN), while it actually is coming from an underlying app.


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