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What are the differences between motto x pure and motto g fourth gen? I have a motto x second gen and have to get new phone due to cracked screen. Wondering what would feel different.


Hi @rebeccak.tp7dvj

It would be important to note that there are actually three versions of the G4. G4, G4 Plus and coming this week the G4 Play. The price and specs vary between the four phones with the MXP and G4 Plus being the most similar.

It would also be important to note that all the new phones would come with a new plan and possibly a new GSM* carrier (as opposed to the Sprint CDMA network).

*(Republic Wireless 3.0 CDMA Update ),5178,5179,4883

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Note that the Moto G Play does not have the ability to use 5 Ghz WiFi. So for folks surrounded by a lot WiFi interference from their neighbors, this isn’t the phone to get if you want to use your phone for WiFi calling.

Also Bluetooth interference in the home may cause issues for those use this phone for WiFi calling.

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