Modernizing the "Landline"

Going in the opposite direction from talk of pulse dialing and rotary phones, here’s a somewhat pricey more modern take on the home phone:

On the downside it involves another adapter and ethernet port on the router.

A good product would dial in to Alexa and tx/rx your request via DTMF!

We have done some testing with

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I forgot about that particular box. Thanks for the reminder. The ability to marry device contacts with one’s “landline” is intriguing.

Some cordless handsets with Bluetooth capability offer that as well albeit less seamlessly. Panasonic’s Link2Cell handsets as one example.

I am not a fan of the link to Bluetooth phones for our service since adding WiFi latency, Bluetooth latency, Android audio stack and the public Internet can be a challenge to call quality. With all of those variable it can be hard to figure out problems.

Nor am I as far as connecting phones for use via Bluetooth. As a means of dumping contacts from a mobile device to a cordless handset, it’s far better than manual entry on the cordless handset.

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