Month to month plan switching?

The $30 2 line plan is perfect for us at home where we are mostly wifi. But we go south in the RV over winter and wifi is frequently not available. Can we switch to the $60 2 line plan for a month or two, and then switch back when we get home?

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Hi @mistermike,

Such capability is not yet available but is on the road map. The one caveat as I understand it is both phones much be switched to the same plan at the same time as there’s no mixing and matching of different plans in a single account.


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You’ll also want to time your switching to be very near the end of your billing cycle, as plan-switching is the one situation where we are not able to prorate for the unused time in the existing month.

Thanks southpaw. My next monthly renewal date is Jan 12th (28 days from now). But, we will be going on the road in our RV on Feb 1st and won’t be able to receive new SIM cards in the mail after that. How far into the cycle should I wait to switch and still be assured I’ll get the new SIM cards before we leave?

You don’t need new SIM cards to switch between 5.0 plans.