Monthly bill if I buy a MOTO E4 phone


I now have a DEFY XT and wanting to upgrade to a MOTOe4. What will be my monthly phone charges IF I pay for the phone outright (no monthly purchase plan)?


All the currently sold phones require The My Choice Plan. $15 Talk/Text + $5 per 1GB data (optional), plus taxes and regulatory fees.


If you had that Defy active since before September 2013 you would qualify for the beta discount of 10% [my choice with beta discount is $13.50 + $4.50 per GB + taxes] taxes 7nclude state and local but should not be higher than your currently paying



Once a Defy XT is deactivated it can no longer be reactivated by you or anyone else.

The good news is most RW members upgrading have a lower cost per month.



That was NOT my question. dgw


Hi @dwalltech,

Our Member Community likes to make sure members are fully informed, so there are no surprises about our service. While you may not have specifically asked about the DEFY XT’s ability to be re-activated, it was kind of @PlaneTherapist to make sure you are aware it cannot be done.

Were you able to get the information you needed about the plan pricing from the other replies?


No answer to the question about monthly rate using a Motoe4 if I buy one.

I have been fully aware of the DEFY XT non-reactivity process, seeing I own 3 of them and had one run over by my trailer – and couldn’t buy another used one to activate it.

Thanks for the info, anyway.

I am thinking maybe the same monthly rate I now have or would it be different?



? The first 2 replies to your post answered your question.
I see you are responding via email.
The posts are viewable on the R.W. Community Forums page.
Perhaps those email notifications for the new posts got lost or put in spam?


Hi @dwalltech,

You’re replying by E-mail, so I’m not sure if you’ve taken a look at the answers posted in our Member Community.

@SpeedingCheetah provided a link that explains the My Choice plan. The pricing is $15 a month for talk and text and $5 per GB (non-refundable, no carry-over) for data. You can expect taxes to be the same or perhaps a little less than those for the DEFY XT.

@drm186 pointed out that if you activated your DEFY XT prior to September 2013, you would qualify for our Beta Member Discount.

So while no one can specifically quote you the exact price you can expect, (it would depend on the amount of data you purchase, the Beta Discount eligibility, and your local taxes), they have provided the information that’s available to help you understand our pricing.


Thank you, that is ALL I was asking for. I’m sorry that RW’s systems and procedures are so dang outmoded that a simple question cannot be answered quickly and clearly. That puts RW back in the late 60’s technology – I know, I’ve been through the 60’s technologies – BUT, then, IBM was far superior in their approach to customer needs and satisfaction that RW doesn’t even compare.

David Wall

Technical Director – Customer Support Division


I’m a bit confused about your concern.

Republic uses Discourse as its community platform. Doesn’t really get more modern.
They use Zendesk for the ticketing. Doesn’t really get more modern.

And your question was answered, with the correct answer, within minutes of it being asked.


This was asked and answered via the customer to customer forum which is one way to get answers there are others via a support ticket by just open a ticket or chat from the main support page Republic Help


Hi @dwalltech,

Our Members and even our staff are not able to calculate your monthly taxes. They vary by location to the point that it takes a computer with quite a complex database to figure it out.

The first reply answered the question to the best of anyone’s ability. Your new monthly service costs would be $15 for talk and text plus $5 per GB of data, plus taxes and regulatory fees.


“taxes and regulatory fees”

Vary based on your zipcode, as far as I know.
Though, Project Fi the numbers a different for each tax/fee listed…so it was also different when I was with Sprint. So, it is very difficult to say, as it seems that there are other variables other than just your raw zipcode.

For me, 55426, that equates to $3.45, according to my RW bill.
So, $20 + $5 + $3.45 = $23.45 per month


As you currently have a Defy plan ($19) your taxes should be about the same as the new plans inmost states don’t tax data so it should be close to $15+$5 per GB + taxes which should be = to or lower than your current tax.


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