Monthly billing but SIMs not activated

UPDATE EDIT: I need to completely retract what I have stated here and I am sorry for any confusion I may have caused. This post can be deleted.

This may be a known issue but there is a problem with the billing system. Currently it is billing new accounts monthly even if they haven’t yet activated service.

I ordered two 5.0 SIMs on Dec 14th (billed same day). After receiving the SIMs I decided to wait and not try to transfer my existing lines to 5.0 yet as recommended. I put in a refund ticket on Dec 29th asking the the new account be cancelled and refunded. That ticket is still being worked and since it has now been a month since I placed the original order the system went ahead and billed another month. So I am now waiting for 2 months of billing to be refunded.

If you are waiting to activate be aware that you may be billed as if your service has been active since the day you ordered.

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Just to confirm, you see the charge when you check your online credit/debit card account?

(The first month of service isn’t “supposed” to start until you actually activate the SIM cards…)

Edited to add: If you were in fact billed again today, this was in error and you should automatically receive a refund within a week.

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This shouldn’t be correct. Since the SIM hasn’t been activated, there should be no second month of billing. Are you sure you were actually billed for a second month?

Yes, I have a 2nd charge on my credit card that is from Republic Wireless for the monthly amount as of yesterday. This new charge isn’t showing yet in my RW account however my next billing date has now updated to Feb 14th.

Also when I post updates to the ticket I just get responses that say not to post updates as it interrupts up the ticket escalation process…

Well, this is disappointing :rage:.

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I’m asking these questions as a former banker. Has you credit card statement period also closed or are you looking at transactions online? If the latter, it’s theoretically possible the 2nd charge is actually a hold. That would be wrong too but it would be better than an actual charge.

Presuming (I know) the billing process is the same for new accounts as for preexisting accounts, you should already have an invoice in the new Republic account reflecting the charge.

Would you be willing to share the ticket number (nothing more).

The card statement period is not closed but this shows as a transaction posted yesterday, yes I’m viewing this on my online credit card transactions. My pending transactions are shown separately and this is not a pending charge. Why would the billing process be posting any charges (pending or otherwise) on accounts that are not yet activated?

I sent the ticket # to you.

UPDATE: I need to completely retract what I have stated here and I am sorry for any confusion I may have caused. Upon further investigation the transaction I thought was a charge is actually a credit as I had originally requested. The timing of the transaction and the changing of the the next bill date showing on the RW account from Jan 14 to now showing Feb 14 really threw me off. I am sorry for any confusion I may have caused.


Just as well that you brought this up, as others may have the same experience and assume that the refund is in fact a charge.

Now we all know what to look out for. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting the correction!