More Data vs More Calls

I and the wife have been arguing what the best providers and plans are (her CDMA phone is headed for mandatory retirement), and the new RW plans, etc. My argument(s) have mostly centered on the total amount of data offered, for example RW 1 GB for $15/mo vs Mint 4GB for $15/mo, but her argument is that she doesn’t care about data, she wants call performance. So I discovered this online tool:

Since I know where all the dead zones are in my area, I was able to find them, and see which networks manage to solve those problems. My general sense is that she will be happier on the new underlying RW network than on the Mint (and old underlying RW) network. Obviously that will vary depending on where any given customer finds themself, but every now and then I have to admit my wife is right about something(*), and then she played the Logic Card and said:

What good is data if you don’t have a signal?

Happy wife happy life.

(*) – please don’t tell her about this


In aguments for Mint plans I’ve seen, I don’t think total data is really talked about too much. Especically if you’ve been with Republic Wireless in the “olden” days, you would know a phone uses a combination of wifi data + cellular data. Phones don’t only have to use cellular data alone.

Below is a screenshot of my wifi data usage from November 24th - December 22nd (and I have a few hours left in December 22nd still).

I have used 16.96gb of wifi data on my phone from November 24th - December 22nd. Is 1gb of data greater than 16.96gb of data? What about 4gb of data; is that more than 16.96gb?

If I typically use 1gb/mo of cellular data from Republic Wireless, but then I use maybe around 16.96gb/mo of wifi data on top of that, does that make me a low data user?

I remember in 2011, I got the Verizon iPhone 4 around the time that the iPhone came to Verizon. I was on their unlimited data plan. However, at my home and work, 2 of the places I frequented the most, I already had wifi access.

Now, I’m still in the same boat. 3 places I spend a lot of time at (which includes my home and work) already have wifi access. Do I need to add more cellular data on top of wifi data for my use case?

I will be traveling to Phoenix in January, and I intend to add more cellular data to my new 5.0 plan for my trip, but generally 1gb/mo of cellular data plus maybe around 16.96gb/mo of wifi data has been sufficient for me.

That’s a strong argument in favor of quality. I might have to use this line myself in the future. :wink:

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Using 16.96gb of wifi data in roughly a month apparently is not on the high end for me because from September 1-29, 2021, I used 20.08gb of wifi data. That’s 20 times more than 1gb and 5 times more than 4gb.

Even though my wife won the Quality vs Quantity argument, the problem is my other girlfriend Alexa consumes enough data playing My Favorite Playlist while I’m driving that I have to calm her down by making 4GB/mo promises that I can’t keep. So I really wish RW would fill in that midrange gap in the plan structure before she(*) locks the back door and starts singing creepy computer songs:

First computer to sing - Daisy Bell - YouTube

she(*) – Alexa. My wife can’t sing.