More Kudos for RW: CDMA Switch

As I noted in this thread (moto x pure can’t receive sms; sees them as mms ) I had some issues with SMS not working when I was not on a native T-Mobile tower. There are no such towers in the town I live in. After trying lots of things, it was determined that switching to Sprint/CDMA would be best for me as there is a Sprint tower nearby (that was even recently upgraded to LTE). CDMA coverage in my neck of the woods is considerably more widespread than GSM, but that is somewhat beside the point. RW sent me a CDMA SIM card gratis and it was just as easy to get going as the GSM SIM had been. Color me very pleased. Kudos to all the engineers at RW that made this so easy.

FWIW, this was with my new (since November) Moto X Pure.


Great news @revmra , thanks for the update.

I have a MXP that was problematic on GSM also (zero coverage indoors and weak coverage outside at home).

For some reason or another, my GSM signal got a huge boost last week and now my coverage indoors/outside has improved dramatically.

Loving my MXP.

This gives me some hope! RW has a CDMA SIM card on its way to me, to replace my GSM SIM card. I am having terrible “hit and miss” issues with sending MMS texts, so maybe switching back to CDMA will solve my issue as it appears to have solved yours. Thanks for that report.


I’m hoping for the best @fisher99 !

( I have to clarify that I am still on GSM, with a MXP, …GSM must have “flipped the switch”, as it were.

fisher99 wrote:

so maybe switching back to CDMA will solve my issue as it appears to have solved yours.

If Sprint worked better before GSM, it should work great. You know we would love to know, so let us know your findings… .


I received the CDMA SIM card today, so now my Nexus 6P is officially off of GSM/T-Mobile and is on CDMA/Sprint. I heartily second the kudos to RW for making this happen! Time will tell whether or not it will resolve my MMS texting issues, as that was hit and miss, but it will be really great to have decent coverage in my home area again!

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