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My question is similar to the one above.
I need a new phone anyway, so thought I would buy a Samsung that is one that Republic also sells, which would make it a BYOP situation, right? Then (correct me if I’m wrong, please) I would get (?purchase?) a Republic SIM card and carry on while I’m here in the US. When I leave for Spain, I would remove the Republic SIM card and, on arrival, purchase a SIM card that would allow me to use the phone in Spain? I understand that I would pay Republic my very basic fees (all I use anyway) while I’m out of country. On my return, I reinsert my Republic SIM card and once again carry on. YES? NO? Oh, and PS, maybe I keep my Republic card with me, in case I find myself in WIFI territory, right? OR perhaps I just get a Samsung from Republic (with removable SIM card, right?) and do the switch out in Spain. Any reason that wouldn’t work? Thanks~ChaCha

You’re right on track with everything. There’s some great info here from our resident expert: International Travel with a Republic Phone


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