More phone support? Phones not on the supported list?

I wanna get a used phone and switch to Republic Wireless. However, it seems that the supported phone list is kinda limited. I’ve been looking at the Noka 7.2 phone.
Would that one be supported?


Hi @amitzinman and welcome to the Member Community. Here are two documents that can help you determine a phone that will work with RW.

The following document lists phones also supported under the Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) program. There is a reasonable list of supported phones.

Sorry to say but no Nokia phones are on the list of supported phones. Other members might have some other helpful information too. Hope this helps.

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Simple answer is no. The list on the website is all inclusive. Not on the list, not compatible.

I guess none of these phone really suits my needs right now, so I guess I’ll wait to make the transition until more phones are supported.

Hi @amitzinman,

Thanks for your interest in Republic Wireless! I’m sorry we don’t support the phone that you prefer. What makes this a stand-out phone for you?

Please consider submitting the phone model to our requested-model survey.

I’m looking for a used large phone that doesn’t break the bank. Was considering the LG Stylo 5 but I don’t really need the stylo and one of the main uses that I have for the phone is to bike around town listening to music. Reviews said that listening to music with the LG speakers was not a wise decision. I’ve had good experiences with my previous Nokia phones.

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