More specific start up directions for "tech challenged" folks


Just some thoughts from my recent (last night) experience on activating my new motog5+ (previous motog4…another story for another post.)

To begin, instead of just showing to insert the tool to remove the sim card, be specific and tell us to PUSH FIRMLY until it pops out, that is probably something most people know, I didn’t, I had to google to find this out while I’m trying to get started.

Do not tell us to read the instructions that came with our phone…there are none, and yes, that was on my start up instructions on the new phone.

When instructed to go to Google Settings, show us step by step screen shots…that’s a really big help.

That’s all I can remember right now, but you can see where I’m going with this. Not all of us are familiar with the easy stuff, and it’s really embarrassing to admit to it.

The “help person on chat,” not going to mention name, did not understand that I didn’t know what “google settings” were and I didn’t really know any other way to tell him, it was on the set up for the new phone.

One more thing, this was WEIRD! During my sign in to my email acct./password, my phone called ULTRA MOBILE! I kept telling the fella, I was with RW, but we had a bit of a communication issue, lol, not unusual for me with my East TN accent & his “foreign” accent. He tried to help activate my sim card, but couldn’t find it… I FINALLY asked him who he worked for, and after much difficulty he understood I needed RW, he did try to find a phone # to give to me…haha as far as I know, it’s not possible to call RW. I am totally perplexed how my phone called him when it wasn’t even totally activated. Anyway, just thre
w that out there if it happens to someone else.

Bottom line, most important, I did get my phone activated, migrated info & up and running. I was very concerned that my motog4 would wack out (GHOST TOUCH) and become unusable before I could get the new one set up…ugh. So far, so good with the Motog5+.

Thank you


Hi @jeanb.01d11j,

Thank you for the valuable feedback. I’ll make sure it gets to all the right places.

I’m glad to read that your G5+ is up and running, and we hope to continue seeing you in our online Community.


Haha…I can’t do without the Community. You guys are great

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