Most Used Phones

Has there ever been a list/graph provided by Republic that shows the most used phone models by Republic users? Just curious. As an example, what would be the top 20 phones (number not quality) currently activated to Republic plans?

Perhaps this would be deemed proprietary but I can think of why unless the phone manufacturers request non-disclosure

I think it would be interesting to see the variety of phones, the percentage of high cost vs eco, the aged vs new, moto vs Samsung vs Google, etc

Hi @tamu_bu,

I don’t believe we’ve ever published such a list, and if we have, it would be out of date now. (In early 2012, the most used phone on the Republic Wireless network was the Optimus S! :grin: )

I will see if I can come up with something, but I have a few pressing matters facing deadlines that will require my attention, first. This might have to be an after-hours or weekend task for me to pull together for you.

Well the curiosity certainly isn’t worth the overtime required. But thanks for the thought.

Hi @tamu_bu,

I’m always glad to do something like this, but I double-checked and you were right. In deference to our good relationship with the phone manufacturers, we don’t disclose this kind of data.

It’s a shame, I think it would have been pretty interesting to look over and discuss.

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