Moto 2 Charging Port


I have had this Motorola 2nd generation for less than a year, and the charging port is now damaged. The phone still charges if I get the charger ‘at the right angle.’ I am under a warranty through both your service and my credit card. I do not want this problem to arise again, so I would appreciate some type of refund for the cost of the phone. If this is not a possibility then I would, however, be open to sending my phone to you to be replaced.


This is a user community, so any warranty issues should be directed to either the manufacture or Republic Wireless.

Check Return and Replacement Policy for the current policy and direction you need to pursue


I had the same problem, turns out it was only with the charge cords that came with the phones. I had two x1s both had bad cords. new cord no problem.



The cords have little tabs that keep the cord tight. These tabs eventually get worn or damaged to not keep the socket tight as when it was new. A new cord usually does the trick to fix the situation but some have opted to adjust the tabs tighter with very small implements/ tools. I have had this issue myself and found cords good enough and cheap enough on Amazon to not have the aggravation to save a $3 cord.

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Your warranty is with Motorola. There are times when RW will assist customers with warranty resolution. There are no more Moto X 2nd gen. handsets to be had and Moto has been known to replace discontinued phones with new ones but that isn’t a stated policy as far as I am aware.

See if you can get help, from Support as outlined in the document that @jben linked to or from Moto, determining the nature of the failure and then contact Motorola regarding the warranty.