Moto 3G not connecting to WiFi in house - friends can make calls no problem?

**What phone do you have?**Moto 3G

What plan are you on? Monthly

**Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?Talk/Text/Data

Issue Description

Have you tried "forget"ing your home WiFi and connecting to it again?

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  • Is this your house?
    • If yes, then do the ‘Forget’ suggested by @amitl … then continue if that doesn’t get you going
    • Power Cycle your network, as outline in Step 1 of the Quick Start section of Router Tweaks
  • If not your house … then I would still suggest the same two steps, often a router can specifically exclude a particular device and this is only way to ‘clean it up’
  • When you say 'not connecting’ … please elaborate, do you see the router/AP, what happens when you authenticate etc
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