Moto 3g speaker not working but headphone does work

Our Moto 3g speaker stopped working but the headphone feature works for calls and apps like YouTube. This means the phone ringtone will go through the headphones but not through the speaker.

We’ve checked the volume controls, run in safe mode, and cleared the phone cache following instructions on “How to Clear Cache on Android.” No luck so far. Only sound is through the headphones.

Any help would be appreciated.


Frank and Karen

There should be an app on your phone called Device Help (formerly known as Moto Help). On your phone, check the speaker by going to Device Help Image > Device diagnosis > Hardware test > Speaker > follow the on-screen instructions.

Should that not indicate the problem, there are further troubleshooting steps available at:


Seems like I had that same issue a few years ago. Sometimes all it takes is a simple push or twist on the back (…like a visit to the chiropractor?)

Anyway, take a look at this thread. It worked for my “broken” speaker.

  • The ‘fix’ provided by @farfelnugen was a new one on me, so I checked iFixit teardown of your phone and here is a picture of the speaker which proves him spot on
    • image
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