Moto 4e unlocked


Is the MotoE4 through Republic locked? I will want to use a European SIM card. I know it uses GSM, but it is also triband?


Hi @danad.08mrk1,

The Moto E4 and all phones currently sold by Republic are North American factory unlocked variants. They may be activated on the network of any service provider (domestic or international) willing to do so. Some additional information follows:


I’ve tried switching to GCI, a carrier in Alaska, and my phone just doesn’t recognize it.


I’m not seeing where GCI has BYOD option on their website, but it looks like they are currently using AT&T as their backbone and with GSM if you have a some it should work, [the Moto E4 is already unlocked] you will need to contact GCI to find out why this is not working for you


I have already contacted GCI, and they said it sounds like my phone is
locked, which I would agree since the SIM card worked perfectly and
instantly in another device. No SIM card has worked in my phone.

Matthew Johnson


Which phone are you trying to use on GCI?
the Legacy phones (Moto X 1st, Moto X 2nd, Moto G 1st, Moto G 3rd, Moto E 1st, and Moto E 2nd) are no locked in the usual way but they due have a Custom ROM that will not work on any other carrier but Republic, the 3.0 Phones that Republic carries/carried/allows for BYOD are all North American Factory Unlock and Republic puts no locks on those phones


GCI is incorrect as your Moto E4 is North American factory unlocked the same as if you had purchased the phone directly from Motorola. More on phones used by Republic here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help.

If truly no SIM (inclusive of a Republic SIM) has worked in your E4, have you considered the possibility the E4 itself is defective?

If a Republic SIM does work in your E4, then something else is the issue. GCI offers some manual settings for its’ GSM network here: Perhaps, those will help?


It is a moto e 4th gen.

Matthew Johnson


Sorry, I should have said that the Republic SIM does work. It is the only



Thank you for the clarification. Please understand when I say, Republic doesn’t lock the E4 or any other 3.0 phone to its network, though I understand why you might think so. Other than the GCI and Republic SIM, what service providers’ SIMs have you used with the E4?


I have also used Sprint’s. I just uninstalled the republic app and now
it’s saying no service instead of only for emergency calls, so I think at
least it’s recognizing the SIM card now.


Sprint uses CDMA technology. I believe a Moto E4 requires a specific Sprint SIM (known as an ISIM). A standard Sprint 3 in 1 SIM kit may not work. Do you know whether Sprint is supporting the E4 for bring your own phone? Did you acquire the Sprint SIM at a Sprint factory owned store?


It was a friend’s SIM. I just wanted to see if it would recognize it, and
it did not. Either way, it seems like right now the phone is recognizing
the GCI SIM, but it still says “no service.” I’m wondering about going
into cellular network settings. In there there is one place for access
point names and another for network operators. I don’t know what either of
these do, or if they could help connect to GCI data service. Any ideas?



When I go into Access Point Names, it says GCI Web and GCI MMS, with a blue
dot on the right side of the screen at GCI Web but no dot at all at MMS.
Any idea?


While we’re happy to try to help, you are now or are soon planning to pay GCI for service, aren’t you? It seems like a part of what they would be providing would include getting you working on their service.


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