Moto 4g is cting weird. It acts like it is constantly being touched

My Moto 4 g is acting crazy. Help?

Some of the Moto G4 phones have had touch screen issues. I would contact Motorola for warranty service.

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Nevermind, thanks. I bought from republic less than 6 months ago. They need to handle it. Just looked up their return policy.

Warranty is though the Manufacturer so Motorola needs to handle it (Republic’s warranty period is 14 days

Hi @sherrig.yemky2,

More likely than not, you’re experiencing a hardware issue (failed digitizer). @drm186 is correct; outside of Republic’s 14-day Money Back Guarantee, defective hardware would be a manufacturer’s warranty issue. That said, Republic has a long working relationship with Motorola and is able (in some circumstances) to act as Motorola’s proxy for potential warranty issues. You might have that conversation with Republic by raising a help ticket when signed into your Republic account here.

Despite the likelihood of hardware failure, generally, both Republic and Motorola require troubleshooting to rule out software glitches before establishing a warranty claim. The process would be:

  1. Clearing the Cache
  2. Safe Mode
  3. Factory Reset

Given your description, if it were me, I’d skip the preliminaries and go straight to the factory reset.

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