Moto 4G+: Visual Notification (blinking light) for Texts and Missed Calls



On our old Moto E phone, a blinking light would indicate when we had a text or missed call that had come in while we were away from our phone. Our Moto 4G+ does not show this. So we have to physically check to determine if there are any new texts or missed calls. When charging my phone up in the evening, there is a blinking light in the lower right-hand side of the screen that occurs a couple of times before my phone begins charging. So I know there is a light that blinks on the 4G+. Is there a setting to have this light blink whenever you receive a text message? Thanks.


There is no blinking light. Your phone instead uses Moto Display. Learn more here:


Many thanks to louisdi for the answer to my question!


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