Moto 4x completely dead!

Overnight the phone has completely died. Fine yesterday, dead this morning and will not wake up with anything. Press start… nothing. Hold start and vol. down (for up to 3 minutes) … nothing.
How can I get a new phone and is there a way to retrieve some of the lost data and/or apps??

Hi @johnw.ccohg6, :slight_smile:

  • Try that with only the power button.

  • Try leaving it plugged in charging for at least 30 min. Then try to start it.

  • Try a different charging cord.

That an easy one :grin: You can order a replacement if needed from Republic or get a BYOP. But let’s see if we can get the x4 going. :crossed_fingers:

If the phone is dead and repair fails to get it going again any data not backed up would be lost.

Apps, can be re-installed however.
Things like contacts and photos (if you have Google backing them up) will appear on a new device.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks much for your prompt reply.
I did once more push in the start button, and the Android screen finally came up… staying unmoving for about 3 minutes.
Then, lo, it did reboot and I seem to have the functions back in place.
Do you think I’d better replace this unit? Other than this fright, I’m still happy with the phone, about 4 years old I’d guess.
And then, now that it’s “working”, what would I do to get a replacement via Republic. Would like a long battery like this Moto E4 plus.
Been happy with Moto. I’m not a gamer.
I do appreciate your thoughtful help!

Wonderful! :smiley:

As for replacing the unit…you’re talking with a Cheap-o here lol.
I probably would try to freshen the phone up with a factory reset, but that’s me. If you would like to know how to do that tho… the Community would help you out. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can check out and purchase phones from Republic here:

Sounds like the moto g power would be a good phone for you:

You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

Hi @johnw.ccohg6,

Before focusing on replacing the phone or even a factory reset, I would take the “fright” this event caused as an early warning that it’s time to get very serious about backing up any important content that’s on your phone. What do you have saved to the phone that you would miss if the phone were factory reset or if it had not revived with the steps @SuperT provided? Please let the Community know if you need ideas for backing up and preserving that important content.

Good thoughts, yes. I had my son take a pic of the icons so I’ll have a list of apps to install.
Don’t know how to get a “screenshot” from this Moto 4E Plus. Any advice on how to do that?
Holding start & volume down only gets to the restart option.
Thanks for your help.

In a world where you can be anything… be kind.

Typically, Google is happy to re-install your apps when you move to a new phone. Do you have the phone set to back up to Google? (Look in Settings > System > Backup)

Do you have text messages you’d want to save, photos, downloads, music, videos, voicemail?

Taking a screenshot requires you to click (not hold) the power button and volume-down buttons at the same time. It takes some practice. If you open the Moto app and look at “Moto Actions” there is an option you can turn on where if you touch the screen with three fingers at once, it’ll take a screenshot.

Many, many thanks. Great help! I’m sticking with Republic you may be sure!

In a world where you can be anything… be kind.

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