Moto 5 problem with not switching to wifis


Checking on issues with Moto 5 not switching to WiFi at home.


Hi @noeln.wfze1b

Are you saying your Moto G5 is not automatically switching to WiFi at home, or you cannot login to WiFi at home?.

The more information you provide the better the community can help try to resolve this issue.



No I have a Moto pure edition but saw a customer review which said they couldn’t shut off the cell data when WiFi was available. I am thinking of buying a G 5 for my wife so was checking the status of this review. But I think the customer is confused about their phone. if you are not on Wi-Fi data then you will have cell data. you cannot turn off one if you do not have the other unless you turn your phone off completely. I had to read the review a couple of times to try to understand what the customer was actually saying.


OK, thanks for the feedback.

I think you may be correct that the poster may have been confused, but without knowing the review your speaking of, I cannot be sure.

You can absolutely turn off WiFi/Data independently of each other. I do so frequently.

My son has a G5+ and loves it. He has reported no issues whatsoever.


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