Moto 5G Will not connect to truck bluetooth


When I attempt to connect my new Moto G5s phone to my truck’s Bluetooth it will not connect. The truck refers me to the phone user manual. Need help as it is important that my phone connects to the truck.


The phone user manual can be found at:

What is the make/model/year of the truck?


Nissan Frontier 2014



Besides the reference tha @cbwahlstrom provided, you might check out the :motohelp: Moto Help App found
=> :appsicon: (on your phone)


Thanks very much. I will try again to connect in about 10 minutes when I
leave work. I did not see anything in the user manual for the phone that I
wasn’t already doing.



I was able to connect the phone this evening. Thanks for your help.



Thanks for your help. I am connected now.



Good you’re fixed, I don’t think that @cbwahlstrom has a G5 and I know I don’t, so if you could update with what you found as a fix, might help the next person with a similar problem


Honestly, I don’t know. It would not connect on my way to work and it did
on the way home. I followed the same procedures both times.



Ok, thanks … guess its AI is just doing what it wants to, when it wants to … guess computers haven’t really changed much :smile:


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