Moto 6 stuck in fast boot mode

My Moto 6 rebooted on its own and is now stuck in fast boot mode. I have held down the power button for more than a minute, but nothing has changed. It will not power off.

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When the phone is in fast boot state, use the phones volume up and down keys to select “Power off” then press the power button. That should shut the phone down.


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The phone is not responding to any of the buttons. It came out of this mode and now just continues to reboot and reboot never getting past the blue Motorola screen. It will not shut down until the battery dies, and then once it has enough power just goes into the constant reboot.

Here is the Motorola guided troubleshooting for “My phone power cycles, turns off or resets:”

I’m afraid it’s not going to be very helpful. The last step is an external factory reset.
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