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I have the Moto G6 and I have tried to uninstall the Moto app not ask Google. It is spooky how it listens to our conversations and then starts speaking.
For instance my phone was near me when I was watching TV and they were talking about games on the TV. All of the sudden my phone starts talking and saying “here is a list of games to play…”
Another time my husband and I were talking and Moto picked up a word from our conversation and started talking. It was not a conversation we would have shared with others but ■■■■ if my phone did not pick up key words.
I don’t have Alexia for this same reason, it freaks us out to know it is listening.
**ANYWAY, have tried to uninstall the app and it keeps installing it back on the phone. What do I do?

Apps that are installed by the device manufacture can not be deleted, you can however ‘Disable it’

Yes I did that and there was a notification that some other apps may be effected if you disable the newer Moto. And it is true so now I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I use Google voice because I have arthritic hands and cannot type. So I use it for search, texting, to make a phone call, send a text., etc.
OK so I know it is a beta app and they should easily let the user decide if they want to use it or not until they have all the bugs worked out.

Perhaps if you contacted Motorola Help they could provide you some help, as they would have more exposure to the particular functions and phone
Here is a link to their ContactUs page

Thanks I did not think of contacting them. They did ask on a survey but there was no way to tell them what the problem is.

One option is to turn on battery saver; it turns off the listening function. I have a google home, and use this mode on my G6 to prevent dual responses. Should you need it, you can manually activate Google Assistant with a long press on the home icon. You should verify the reduced functionality doesn’t affect you adversely.

From Verizon: “When [turned on], Battery saver reduces your device’s performance and limits vibration, location services and most background data to help improve battery life.”
“Enabling Battery saver mode will make the phone slightly more slow and the screen less bright.
Note: This action will disable your Internet connection and turn off Internet based services when the screen is off.”

Not an option because I have an online business and no land line. A lot of my customers text me questions and orders. Also not a good idea because wifi throughout my home is not good and I have no wifi outside it I step outside even on the porch.
I did take the advice above and I emailed Motorola this morning. If they do no have another option, I will be to down grade my phone where the feature is not available because it just creeps us both out.
What was Motorola thinking???

Oh and we do not have any home listening devices because we are older and it just creeps us out.

Can’t you just turn off Moto Voice in the Moto App and disable the Google App to eliminate the Google response?

I turned if off and it came back on its own. I uninstalled it and it is back!

And that is creepy too that it keeps coming back! Unless there is something I missed, it is here to stay.

I’m not sure what you’ve got going on, but once off on my G6, it stays off.

I am not sure what you mean louisdi. My phone stays on 24/7, even when it is on the charger

So here is a screen shot. And while I was typing this moto came back and said “here is a list of games to play” Why would it repeat this 12 hours after hearing it on TV this morning?


Hi @bonnieh.71i8en,

I don’t have a G6 handy to get to the exact steps, but if you open the Moto App, and then tap the “voice” option, can you uncheck “Moto Voice?”

If it’s an available option, you might also want to tap the “manage launch phrase” option and uncheck “launch phrase”.

If I do that Southpaw, I constantly get the message in the screenshot above. And the message keeps flashing on my phone until I enable it
Am I missing something?
Oh and I never used the Google launch phrase I just push the microphone button

Could you show me a screenshot where the “Moto Voice” option I described above is unchecked and that warning is on the screen in front of it?

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She’s not telling you to disable the Moto App, but rather to open it and turn off the Moto Voice feature within the app.

I think this is what you mean in the screen shot. If I disable, it pops up constantly says what the other screen shot says.

That’s not it.

Get out of the Settings, which is where you are. Instead go in to the list of all your apps, where you’d do something like open your text messaging App, or web browser, or whatever and there click the “Moto” App. Then in the App, you’ll see a bunch of features the App offers. One of them is Moto Voice. You can simply turn off the feature there.

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