Moto App Launcher draining battery

The Moto App Launcher just started showing up as the top battery usage app on my moto g stylus. Reboot didn’t help. Can I tune it or delete it?

It’s important to put battery usage in context of battery life. Are you seeing low battery life? If so, what do you consider low battery life? The Moto App Launcher is crucial to the operation of your phone. Of course, there are other launchers available.


@steve1138 Do you still want to look in to the battery usage question you have?

Check your screen time out setting.

Tap Settings. Tap Display. Tap Advanced. Tap Screen timeout. After a Moto update my Screen timeout was set to After 30 minutes of inactivity. It has always been after 2 minutes.

I changed it back. App Launcher stopped being the top battery usage app.

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