Moto Care for the Moto G5 Plus

This is irritating.

I just got through a chat with a Moto Care 1st line chat support person.

Currently, you cannot buy a G5 Plus from RW and get Moto Care extended warranty support. So buying a G5 Plus from RW at $300 and breaking it a day later means your out of $300.

On the other hand, for the G5 Plus and the G4 also, If you bought it from Motorola’s website, you get the Moto Care; from RW, you don’t.

All this makes sense. Motorola Care calls the shots on which phones they support. And they don’t support the G4 or currently the G5 Plus unless purchased from Motorola’s website.

The broader picture is Motorola controls there very big world while RW is just another MVNO. My broader picture is get your G5 Plus through Motorola only after Motocare is available


this change is part of the reason I will not buy another Moto phone (Lenovo has trashed it IMO) Lenovo business practices are questionable they have been caught more than once with Spyware on there consumer computers,

they also move away from there Moto Credit financing to Affirm (note Republic also uses Affirm) (with their high rates)

given no discount, and no custom android anymore, why would anyone in their right mind buy it from republic?

it seems rather wasteful and distractful to business performance for republic to be selling various accessories (with phones one can kind-of understand, but yeah, just focus on the service and not waste resources on low-margin activities)


There are other reasonable insurance companies out there that replace phones. Not sure if they supply B stock to cell providers or not.

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