Moto defy xt add service


I would like to add service to my moto defy xt.



Sorry the Defy is at the end of the life cycle. If it isn’t activated the new platform won’t let it be activated. Existing Defy’s on the system will continue to work till they die off.

The DEFY XT is no longer for sale and can no longer be activated on any Republic Wireless account. All existing active DEFY XT’s are still supported. Please contact Republic Help if you need assistance with your DEFY XT.

Motorola DEFY XT Overview


just want to add the phone (Defy XT) was a beta phone and betas everywhere trend not to be supported forever

it was out of date (even more so as it was under spec when release)

Motorola stop supporting 3 years ago (and even offered a rebate to turn one in 3 years ago)

the only thing going for it was the ruggedness (water/dust proof) and replaceable battery

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